Sweden’s extreme immigration politics

Svenska flaggan. Foto: Flickr.

Three decades ago Sweden was one of the world’s most developed countries with a top class school, low unemployment rate, low criminality and a welfare system that served as a role model. Now Sweden is facing a dramatical increase of criminality, unemployment rate, a welfare system that is cracking up and the worst decline of school results in OECD. How could it be this way? This article addresses an international audience with the intention to describe the background to Sweden’s decline and how it relates to the extreme immigration politics.

From the 1950’s to the 1970’s the historical immigration to Sweden consisted of labor immigration. Primarily factory workers from Finland, Yugoslavia, Italy and Greece moved to Sweden. All of them were instantly employed by Swedish companies and the majority got well-integrated with the Swedish society. 1975 the Swedish parliament decided that Sweden should be multi-cultural. At the same time the focus shifted to asylum immigration. In the 1970’s political refugees came from the dictatorships in Latin America and in the 1980’s the asylum seekers escaped from the wars in the Middle East. So far the immigration was under control, and in 1989 there was in even a decree to limit the immigration. In the 1990’s the influx increased radically due to the civil war in former Yugoslavia, and in the 2000’s a larger number of refugees arrived from the war in Iraq. During these times the integration started to malfunction due to the high immigration rates; the criminality started to increase and the school results started to decline.

The point beyond no return occurred year 2010 when the nationalist party Sweden Democrats were elected to the parliament. The other parties then condemned the Sweden Democrats as “neo-fascists” and prevented all measures to cooperate with them or have a more restrictive immigration politics. As a consequence of this phobia, the liberal party Moderaterna and the green party Miljöpartiet made an immigration agreement in 2011. Miljöpartiet is the only political party with free immigration on the agenda; the former leader of Moderaterna, Bo Lundgren, has admitted that the high immigration was a way to undermine the Swedish welfare state and transform the socialist country into a more liberal state. This agreement increased the immigration to extreme levels; Sweden got on average more than ten times higher immigration per capita than the rest of OECD. From 2011 to 2014 several “pull factors” were introduced to attract even more immigrants from the third world to Sweden: permanent residents to all Syrians and Eritreans, asylum to everyone under 18 years, high social benefits to all refugees, etc. This has led to enormous influx streams to Sweden, which escalated to extreme levels in the fall of 2015 during the refugee crisis.

During the fall of 2015 circa 10,000 immigrants arrive per week to Sweden; in total enormously 190,000 immigrants will come to Sweden with a population of 9,6 million inhabitants. Not all immigrants are even registered any longer; only in September 40,000 immigrants were not registered but disappeared. Nobody knows how many of those are criminals, terrorists, jihadists or have severe diseases. Furthermore, the majority of the immigrants do not come from Syria; most of them are so called “alone coming refugee kids” who come from Afghanistan who claim to be under aged. In the other Nordic countries medical tests show that circa 75% are over 18 years. In Sweden, however, the doctors refuse to make medical tests on the “alone coming refugee kids” so the Migration Board needs to rely upon psychological tests, which give the Orwellian result that most of them are under 18 years old. Circa 33,000 “alone coming refugee kids” are expected to arrive in Sweden during 2015. Each of them costs in average one million Swedish crowns per year, resulting in a cost of circa 30 billion Swedish crowns. That is comparable to the cost of the whole Police and all courts in Sweden. Apparently the Swedish asylum system is being misused by people who are not proper refugees – and it is becoming extremely expensive. The Swedish Minister of Finance Magdalena Andersson is now lending 11 billion Swedish crowns for the asylum costs; at the same time she is shifting 60% of the charity funds intended for poor countries to finance the domestic asylum waves. Instead of assisting women and children in the refugee camps next to Syria, the Swedish government is financing a majority of male migrants of which several have no proper refugee status.

The Swedish media has also played a key role in the immigration situation. Everyone who tried to discuss the immigration situation was immediately classified as a “racist”. When the former Swedish Minister of Immigration, Tobias Billström, wanted to discuss the “volumes” of immigrants in 2013 he was immediately turned down as being a “racist”. Circa 82% of the Swedish journalists are voting for the red or green parties and are positive to immigration. This has led to a situation where all problems with immigration are covered up or censored. The biggest newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, proclaimed for example in several agenda setting articles the lie that immigration is profitable. Many other media, such as Swedish Television and Swedish Radio, have claimed several times that the criminality is going down, which is also simply not true. The worst example is Researchgruppen, an organization with close connections to violent communist groups in Sweden, which has hacked several databases to expose private persons and politicians only because they have criticized immigration in alternative media. Researchgruppen have then sold the material to the tabloid newspapers Expressen and Aftonbladet who have exposed those dissidents without their consent. Was Researchgruppen punished for their criminal acts of data intrusion and exposure of private data? No, quite the opposite: they were rewarded with a journalist prize that was handed out by the CEO of Swedish Television. This is so bizarre that it reminds of the former Stasi methods in DDR. Several foreigners living in Sweden claim that the medial situation here is worse and more censored than in former communist republics.

Sweden’s dysfunctional media climate and extreme immigration politics have led to several problems in the society.

Since 1975 the criminality has increased radically in most areas: robbery, murder, shootings, man slaughter, bomb attacks, sexual violence, pyromania, etc. A turning point was the 1990’s when organized crime entered the scene and the exclusion areas grew from 3 in 1990 to 157 in 2004. For example, Sweden has now the highest rape rate in the OECD, most schools are burning in the world, the shootings in Sweden are higher than in all Nordic countries together, and Malmö has most bomb attacks in Europe.

Sexual criminality in Sweden.
Sexual criminality in Sweden. Source: http://statistik.bra.se/solwebb/action/

Sweden has the steepest decline in school results in the whole of OECD. The PISA measurements show a downhill trend since the beginning of 2000’s, and a research report recently proved that the large immigration is the cause of the declining school results.

Sweden’s school results. Source: http://www.oecd.org/sweden/

The unemployment rate among immigrants is also extremely high in Sweden. Circa 50% asylum immigrants are employed after 7 years. Total unemployment among foreign-born citizens is 42%. The reason for this is that over 60% of the refugees only have a maximum of lower secondary education and that approximately 40% of them are illiterate. In Sweden only 2.5% of the total labor sector is available for such low-skilled workforce, so the majority of the newly arrived refugees end up in unemployment and welfare dependency.

Sweden is also getting an increasing problem with radical Muslims. Several suburbs in Sweden are turned into Islamic territories where women do not have the same rights as men, sharia laws are partially in force, and halal slaughtered meat is mandatory. Worst of all are the mosks that are recruiting young Islamic boys to become jihadist warriors in the Islamic State. Sweden has the highest proportion in Europe of jihadist warriors going to the war in Syria. Furthermore, the Swedish security police has no legal rights to stop them from going to Syria to slaughter and murder. Even worse, the cities Stockholm and Örebro promised the jihadists priority to get jobs and apartments when they got back from Syria. Right now the Swedish security police estimates that several immigrants are actually jihadist warriors instead of refugees.

The housing situation in Sweden is also getting desperate due to the enormous influx. At least 500.000 houses and apartments must be built until 2020, but the government is only planning for 250.000. All asylum camps are now filled up, so there is no single room available for new immigrants. There are even no tents available, so the immigrants must sleep on the street.

As mentioned above, the costs for the immigration is enormous. Even before the escalation in 2015, the annual cost has been estimated to 250 billion Swedish crowns per year; this cost will be increased with several billions the coming years. Malmö is one terrifying example. One generation ago, Malmö had positive tax revenues. Now Malmö has a majority of foreign citizens, tax revenues of 12 billion crowns, and gets 5 billions per year from the Swedish state. Malmö has a worse economy than Greece and would be bankrupt without the financial support from the rest of the country. What happens if the rest of Sweden becomes like Malmö?

More institutions are breaking down. The Swedish migration board cannot register all asylum seekers any longer although the clerks work around the clock. The Swedish customs cannot control all cars, and even if they identify criminal gangs they have no means to stop them. Also the Swedish healthcare is being brought down to the knees due to influx, and several operations are postponed or cancelled, in particular in the cancer area. Some dental clinics have even broken down completely in small cities with large asylum houses.

The situation is getting totally desperate. Several years of “pull factors”, a dysfunctional and censored media, and an extremely liberal immigration politics have resulted in a refugee crisis that is way out of control. They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind (Hosea 8:7). The Swedish Minister of Immigration Morgan Johansson recently warned the asylum seekers for coming to Sweden, and the Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has asked EU that other member states should take care of Sweden’s immigrants. This week border controls were introduced as an attempt to stop the influx. The results of these acts remain to be seen.

Two lessons can be learned from the devastating development in Sweden.

A country’s parliament and government primary goal is to protect the country and its population. Period. An extreme immigration will lead to severe issues in the society with respect to criminality, school results, welfare systems, unemployment and housing. If there are any political parties that attempt to increase the immigration radically, the situation in Sweden should be analyzed carefully before taking such step. The lessons learned from the Swedish experiment are in a nutshell: labor immigration under controlled forms work, asylum immigration out of control is disastrous. If any international politicians or lobbyists read this, please also try to convince any Swedish politicians to make the immigration politics a lot more restrictive.

All immigrants heading for Sweden should be aware of the desperate situation. Instead of crossing through all of Europe, they should consider to stay where they are or seek asylum in a country with a functioning asylum system. In Sweden there are no houses, no jobs and no money any longer. Asylum seekers coming to Sweden will have to sleep on the streets in darkness, rain and minus degrees.

This article is targeting an international audience. It is an open letter that can be published fully or partially in any kind of media channel without any prior approval or royalty claim from Projekt Morpheus. The article can also be translated to other languages if that is more convenient prior to publishing.

4 thoughts on “Sweden’s extreme immigration politics”

  1. My heart aches every time I read about Sweden’s refugee policy 🙁
    How could self loather politicians take the nation’s prosperity/heritage for granted without appreciating the efforts of their hard working ancestors? 🙁
    I’m sorry to say so, but I believe that large groups of refugees continue coming to Sweden as long as they are welcomed by politicians. When Stefan Löfven said that “my Europe take in refugees” in his passionate speech at Medborgarplatsen, he should have anticipated that many people in the third world would accept his invitation and be encouraged to take the journey to his Europe. I saw that coming, how did not he?
    The mass influx stops only when the prime minister hits the brake and clearly tell the world that his Sweden is actually full now and can not take in more refugees. So, ordinary people’s voice like your blog is not heard by anyone, at least never by refugees or smugglers.
    The sad part is that a great majority of them do not even have a need to seek refuge. I have spoken to some of them who have already been granted asylum. A woman from Iran had came here to study and when she realised that it’s too tough and too expensive, she decided to convert to christianity and ask for asylum, claiming that if she goes back to Iran, she would be executed! A family from Afghanistan had lived in Iran for 15 years in peace, but they still managed to receive asylum in Sweden. A Syrian family lived and “worked” in Turkey before coming to Sweden, and many more such examples.
    However, the one who got me very angry was an Afghan guy who was born and raised in Iran. But he decided to travel to Sweden and get a better life for free. He claims that Iranian authorities had forced him to fight for Al-Assad in Syria. That’s just a stupid joke to me, but apparently Migrationsverket believes all such jokes! What else are these people capable of doing if they can look into your eyes and lie like that?
    Well, every one on earth deserves a decent life. But in my opinion, it’s unacceptable to tax hard working people in order to support slackers! If refugees really want a better life, then they have to work hard for it, just like other people on earth.
    If Sweden stops giving special treatment to refugees, the number would decrease dramatically because the majority, who are economical migrants, would not be encouraged anymore to travel that far for nothing. Thus, the process for granting them permanent residence permit/citizenship should be the same as for non-refugee migrants!
    Well, even if they are real refugees (e.g. feeling war), why should we grant them citizenship if they are never going to accept values and norms of their new society? Why should the new society change to their desire?
    All I said confirms your points. When you freely give away too much benefits for a group of people, you should expect that all of them around the world will sooner or later try to take it.

  2. Tänkte skriva “om du visste hur rätt du har”. Men det vet vi ju redan dvs vi fåtalet. Hur få liv i de övriga????

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